This is
what we stand for

We initiate communication…
and bring it to life!

„We design communication to be as simple and efficient as possible for everyone

Our values are the foundation of our communication and collaboration. We create space for respectful and motivating interactions and take pride in what defines us. Communication is our passion. In doing so, we always adhere to our fundamental principle and keep essential values in focus.

„Truth, Clarity, Simplicity

Environmental, Social and Governance Report

We always develop solutions from the perspective of the people they affect. This is our approach to communication, an integral part of our business model – and it’s also how we think about sustainability.

Our previous measures, such as connecting our headquarters to an innovative energy network, saving on office supplies, and offering health-promoting programs to our employees, are also a motivation for us to achieve our newly set goals.

„Our values

Social Responsibility

We uphold social responsibility. Not only through our services, where we advance socially relevant issues, but also as a longstanding partner of the nonprofit foundation CAPE 10. It is also important to us to regularly support fundraising initiatives initiated by our employees.

Equal Opportunities

We welcome the increasing presence of women in our software-producing company and look forward to further growth. Equality today for a sustainable tomorrow – regardless of sexual orientation, fostering a collaborative environment built on equality is a core value in our daily interactions.


Ecology, economy, and society form the three pillars of sustainability. For us, this topic plays a central role. We aim to make this measurable with our ESG goals.

Diversity and Inclusion

We celebrate our diversity and create a respectful and safe environment where everyone can express their true selves – regardless of age, gender, origin, physical limitations, or sexual orientation. We conduct diversity training to raise awareness among our employees and contribute to fostering greater diversity in our society. In addition, we actively support the Diversity Charter, an initiative promoting appreciation for all members of our society.